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— drought, cloudy—haze [where is the sun] ants wasp sucking moisture from houseplant watering overflow—moisture that scarce no mow—just get out the hoe and chop down the sumac sprouts in the yard—which anyway shrivel—stir up some dust taken by sharp southerly gusts and then the easy flame—one cigarette tossed and a hillside ablaze in an […]

— in every other saga it’s the other way around those who do the dirty deed can everywhere be found –A Ppope How did he arrive in this coulee saloon somewhere out west of El Paso? Woody, the incendiary Woodpecker, bore himself another walleyed door hole, where nothing’s made of lumber, lest timber happen (and […]

From the infinitesimal recesses of homo sapient cerebral redundancies arise solutions to yet further homemade predicaments and, as such, regarding the accumulation of trash on the Space Station, “the [astro nautical] quartet started repacking the Leonardo cargo carrier with a ton of dirty laundry, empty food containers, surplus gear and other garbage accumulated by the […]

— this blog no longer works right – more headache than ease – and so can no longer suit my purpose i.e. new dashboard sucks – will check back in future to see if this thing improves otherwise – it isn’t worth the trouble —