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[of] / of


— not thought [of] nor of thought not restricted [shouts] not thought [of] of thought [thought] of it if it is thinking cancel the order thinking is it this when speaking in common phases meant when intended aphasiac slash phrasing I was just thinking meaning that recent but connoting the process whenever it’s common then […]

— the need to uppercut intellectual pretension an emphasis on universal fallibility seeks state perhaps approval allow me sir to say then that I I am the stout fist of a superior law not given by state but so stated by self such that that law I  since assume by self-styled necessity another knarl deemed […]

— having a memory of placement in time from childhood do say some she fills it with spirit the digital reproduction of an intrinsic abstraction and how the original interpretation of that memory thus persists he fills it she fills it and abstraction implies radical possibilities despite reevaluation of that memory from cumulative distances do […]

it / [it]


— what is this when it [it] is a resistance– I want to ask this it is a question– what is this when it is a resistance —

— lawn boy’s yard is not a cacti [sic] garden—needs—permission slip is (otherwise) a terminal stranger according to him an um (otherwise) a terminal if to him an endangered species how to flex a theory around that habitat destruction whenever one considers continuity reported blade breaking ‘devil’ [a cock sucker] positioning himself imperfectly deforming box […]

— lawn boy might become an asymmetrical man on a motorcycle left toes skewed out ward and a way in a world of it being it being a world of of probabilities should he choose to do so for some stupid reason instead he chooses to examine the common phrase for some stupid reason that […]

ants // teeth


— lawn boy bolsters his credibility with broad ranging slogans no ideas but some “thing” or other some time tends to flicker first word thirsting forecast word umpteen words about how best to choose the very best word one yam are an other button never a rose herewith de filed under better less said this […]



— the details escape notice momentarily that all is in motion this incessant motion thing is real lawn boy proceeds without written approval to formulate a theory of that while motion seeks itself unnaturally in an order of words 73 (count them) for instance then drained of poetry as correct word counting is urgent lawn […]