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alike / unlike


— in an afternoon alike unlike any other a dog passes its life tied to a wooden box barking — Advertisements

— tedious herd ceaselessly wander property boundings—wander then laced zolpidem lash sleepy branches aloft lash brushy alow mechanistic aye aye allay subliminally meander stroke thus drowsing ablest and amp that least captive to long aimless discourse when all striking lawn boy seeing saws quite avoids resolve then in one finale to resemble some dreamy bleak […]

— Worry Me Burning II In a car approaching obsolescence, north pappy look another dead town rural time spent and time passed mistaken, another exit missed or one state or another and, hey, I might say, hey bob, hey, I’m driving at something, it’s long been unbroken and dumb split second present perhaps and, toward […]

— dreams by day stigmata whenever lawn boy prevaricates moment of reloading dual cyclical spark chamber whenever lawn boy fuels his rotor supposing that one body can contain all the suffering the world can feel to admit fault since lawn boy once chosen thirsts and it wasn’t his own gut that suffered ashes sentenced to […]

no bone / bone


— having been duly instructed lawn boy behavior seen by one brutish behavior seen by one brute psychic fissure who would be prescient who would maintain and nourish visual acuity drill bit applied by surgeon to bone any bone no bone bone that don’t matter tooth high speed titanium bit burning into L bone with […]

— a noisy show of pulling out teeth bleached and these very nice teeth bleach teeth all very nice this picture this but they all guys his ferry fine guys hiss ferry fine a make shown of ferry fine sputum very impressing this child very double rotunda lawn boy trafficking tooth trim face ferry buoyant […]