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— part two taser phone relict    already the immediacy of ars facere artifact dead faced suspect preceded by his        deadened word each word left undefended to resuscitate a cadaver    to defibrillate    someone made dumb stammering book bleats when disgust w/the book strange things to say        but witness this associate glut book shelved between […]

— having a memory of placement in time from childhood do say some she fills it with spirit the digital reproduction of an intrinsic abstraction and how the original interpretation of that memory thus persists he fills it she fills it and abstraction implies radical possibilities despite reevaluation of that memory from cumulative distances do […]

— each day the dubious expectation that the president shall say something stupid —

— it would be a mistake to presume that lawn boy is a character inside of some cohesive narrative if someone were to say otherwise that claim would clearly be false lawn boy is neither factually nor symbolically representative he is rather chronologically and verbally abstract another wretched and self-serving cliché —

— tedious herd ceaselessly wander property boundings—wander then laced zolpidem lash sleepy branches aloft lash brushy alow mechanistic aye aye allay subliminally meander stroke thus drowsing ablest and amp that least captive to long aimless discourse when all striking lawn boy seeing saws quite avoids resolve then in one finale to resemble some dreamy bleak […]

— the story replaced [lawn boy] thought to be younger given on request once and refused on another —