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— thirteen thirteen thirteen thirteen so far thirteen thirteen thirteen so far thirteen thirteen thirteen thirteen thirteens thirteen so far so far it so far it so far it is enough thirteen it is enough — Advertisements

eats / spinach


— Suck on lethal serpent; the complex details of a diamond design mister are movement. Motion might likely spectaculate sod, buster, a dead man coverlet under a stark guitar soundtrack obscured. Someone twice stated an oblivious fact. The ugly was made into an elegant game: pottery, porcelain, plumbing, the poem, and then, of course, punk. […]

— each day the dubious expectation that the president shall say something stupid —

— it would be a mistake to presume that lawn boy is a character inside of some cohesive narrative if someone were to say otherwise that claim would clearly be false lawn boy is neither factually nor symbolically representative he is rather chronologically and verbally abstract another wretched and self-serving cliché —

— real people sadden lawn boy better the unreal he thinks his own life and the pathetic human surface an impression thus to ascribe to a dog national origin and see no irony meant too much invested in human convention supposing even that some dog might respond more readily than vividly to submergent redundancies and […]

— limit and confine an activity if to say that he does this lawn boy might be asked to (place) that this into a description and then he’d be correct to refuse —

— root substance, mud and mineral, lawn boy hankers after the perfect plot, the definitive grassy expanse, nothing too large, but large enough to represent the superfluity of his singular effort, large enough to insure his status as characteristic, a suburbanite, not an extra ordinaire, but clearly a dedicatee of visual uselessness —

Rules for Poets


— whenever possible: sell yourself refer to yourself as “A Poet” refer to other Poets whose names are well and widely known refer to your own informal interactions with same famous Poets refer to famous Poets by nicknames* build a local committee of Poetry Experts and refer to each other refer to your “Work” speak […]