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— not thought [of] nor of thought not restricted [shouts] not thought [of] of thought [thought] of it if it is thinking cancel the order thinking is it this when speaking in common phases meant when intended aphasiac slash phrasing I was just thinking meaning that recent but connoting the process whenever it’s common then […]

— I have pounded my head into the pavement more than once bah bam stuffing the air with words which subsequently collect nonsense and worse tamper packed bundle—blunder  and—bust one more person passes through this passing world write that at this writing brain damaged my country she festers stink stinks and stank the local pragmatic […]

— part two taser phone relict    already the immediacy of ars facere artifact dead faced suspect preceded by his        deadened word each word left undefended to resuscitate a cadaver    to defibrillate    someone made dumb stammering book bleats when disgust w/the book strange things to say        but witness this associate glut book shelved between […]

— the need to uppercut intellectual pretension an emphasis on universal fallibility seeks state perhaps approval allow me sir to say then that I I am the stout fist of a superior law not given by state but so stated by self such that that law I  since assume by self-styled necessity another knarl deemed […]

and / so and


— in this place and that it is enough in this place and that it is enough that the people that the people people “at the next levels down” it is enough that the people “at the next levels down” suffer concerns it is enough it is enough and it isn’t is it and so […]

— having a memory of placement in time from childhood do say some she fills it with spirit the digital reproduction of an intrinsic abstraction and how the original interpretation of that memory thus persists he fills it she fills it and abstraction implies radical possibilities despite reevaluation of that memory from cumulative distances do […]

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— join Stephen on Tuesday 9/9 from 2-4 PM for this week’s Family Edition of stunt cipher mayhem any resemblance to anybody real or ethereal is, of course, entirely coincidental this host shall likewise be held unaccountable for errant innuendo provoked by the delightful whims any listener’s imagination -[ where else but ]- WPVM-LP Asheville […]

— Regarding the recent arrests of Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar, I wrote the following letters. Anybody is welcome to use these as you see fit. I’m sure they’d appreciate as much support as they can get. Address as follows and CC as indicated: Ramsey County Attorney […]

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— what is this when it [it] is a resistance– I want to ask this it is a question– what is this when it is a resistance —