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— do say some men bust in doors do say some men some men bust in by order doors — Advertisements

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— Suck on lethal serpent; the complex details of a diamond design mister are movement. Motion might likely spectaculate sod, buster, a dead man coverlet under a stark guitar soundtrack obscured. Someone twice stated an oblivious fact. The ugly was made into an elegant game: pottery, porcelain, plumbing, the poem, and then, of course, punk. […]

— Regarding the recent arrests of Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar, I wrote the following letters. Anybody is welcome to use these as you see fit. I’m sure they’d appreciate as much support as they can get. Address as follows and CC as indicated: Ramsey County Attorney […]

— each day the dubious expectation that the president shall say something stupid —

— it would be a mistake to presume that lawn boy is a character inside of some cohesive narrative if someone were to say otherwise that claim would clearly be false lawn boy is neither factually nor symbolically representative he is rather chronologically and verbally abstract another wretched and self-serving cliché —