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— recently approved by the Los Angles City Council but entirely appropriate to support locally everywhere (but especially here in Asheville) a Cyclists’ Bill of Rights indeed and in deed…eh, that it might appear as follows: —CYCLISTS’ BILL OF RIGHTS— WHEREAS, cyclists have the right to ride the streets of our communities and this right […]

gas mileage


— I increased my gas mileage this week 5 mpg by reducing speed and acceleration as well as avoiding quick stops. It’s not easy given general traffic patterns, but I get the sense that two or three other drivers are doing the same. —

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River Road


— Cycling the river road from point A to point B, whenever choosing to segmentalize an otherwise more purposeful ride, a ride with a departure point and goal based not upon the more honorable whim, presumes an association with intersections. How else enter a line? The section between West Haywood Street and Broadway on Riverside […]

— After icy panics subside, I wait for the rains. I do not drive a free floating screed. Sporadic drippings remain wholly inadequate. I want the roadside cleansed of industrial grits. Since restructuring the community around an idea of motorized obsolescence seemingly appears now and then a mere fantasy of some subservient distance, the daily […]