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it / [it]


— what is this when it [it] is a resistance– I want to ask this it is a question– what is this when it is a resistance — Advertisements

— a noisy show of pulling out teeth bleached and these very nice teeth bleach teeth all very nice this picture this but they all guys his ferry fine guys hiss ferry fine a make shown of ferry fine sputum very impressing this child very double rotunda lawn boy trafficking tooth trim face ferry buoyant […]

— the story replaced [lawn boy] thought to be younger given on request once and refused on another —



— the details escape notice momentarily that all is in motion this incessant motion thing is real lawn boy proceeds without written approval to formulate a theory of that while motion seeks itself unnaturally in an order of words 73 (count them) for instance then drained of poetry as correct word counting is urgent lawn […]

— limit and confine an activity if to say that he does this lawn boy might be asked to (place) that this into a description and then he’d be correct to refuse —

lawn boy


— whatever is known or understood by or about lawn boy in terms of what’s real or even innately vivid the ultimo submariner and his imagination blinding within and without a surrounding / a digital / a figurative / mist not digitalis but his bowel and his bladder perhaps lose [datura] tone whenever he marinates […]

— these people collude these people these lawn boy association people of the perfect appearance these people gaping and the associated acquiescence of turf subsumed by the boy who is regulated by throng modus operandi on foot and sleepwalking through this flaccid kamikaze cliché not raveling nor necessarily hissing but shoving always in cyclical sync […]

— lawn boy travels the sentimental anus of his own linguistic collusions whenever he collides unquestioningly with circumstances imposed by a social imperative —