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red shoes


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alike / unlike


— in an afternoon alike unlike any other a dog passes its life tied to a wooden box barking —

and / so and


— in this place and that it is enough in this place and that it is enough that the people that the people people “at the next levels down” it is enough that the people “at the next levels down” suffer concerns it is enough it is enough and it isn’t is it and so […]

radi os


— join Stephen on Tuesday 9/9 from 2-4 PM for this week’s Family Edition of stunt cipher mayhem any resemblance to anybody real or ethereal is, of course, entirely coincidental this host shall likewise be held unaccountable for errant innuendo provoked by the delightful whims any listener’s imagination -[ where else but ]- WPVM-LP Asheville […]

— drought, cloudy—haze [where is the sun] ants wasp sucking moisture from houseplant watering overflow—moisture that scarce no mow—just get out the hoe and chop down the sumac sprouts in the yard—which anyway shrivel—stir up some dust taken by sharp southerly gusts and then the easy flame—one cigarette tossed and a hillside ablaze in an […]



— an inaugural reading from the 1st edition of PIG: A Journal at Harvest Records Saturday–June 21 at 7:00PM –featuring– artwork by Brad Reagan letterpress broadsides of some of the poems by Sarah Almond Megan Mulhearn will provide music and the following people will read Chall Gray Mara Simmons Mark Prudowsky Shad Marsh Stephen Kirbach […]

crack of dawn


— here’s an audio piece I made sometime between 6:30 and 7:00 AM today (Sunday) – length – 7:28 chicken hill 06/15/08 dawn —

gas mileage


— I increased my gas mileage this week 5 mpg by reducing speed and acceleration as well as avoiding quick stops. It’s not easy given general traffic patterns, but I get the sense that two or three other drivers are doing the same. —

— I would like to brag today about receiving the Least Commercial Potential Award for stunt cipher mayhem during the recent WPVM Spring 2008 Listener Supported fund drive. For those who don’t know, stunt cipher mayhem is a radio show which airs every Sunday from 7-9 PM on WPVM. As it is obliquely described in […]

American Dream


— Artemio Rodriguez —