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— lawn boy’s yard is not a cacti [sic] garden—needs—permission slip is (otherwise) a terminal stranger according to him an um (otherwise) a terminal if to him an endangered species how to flex a theory around that habitat destruction whenever one considers continuity reported blade breaking ‘devil’ [a cock sucker] positioning himself imperfectly deforming box […]

— in an evaluation of lawn boy’s lawn worthiness lawn boy boldly fathoms mowing where no man has fathomed before lawn boy—so to speak unflinchingly denies any and all unapproved turf miss management reappraisals that men were only created because vibrators can’t mow the lawn —

of / the


— attending the spring quarterly meeting of the lawn boy association of perfect appearances lawn boy denies whatever it is which he is otherwise unable to ever remember —

— socially trained behaviors the impossibly detailed placement umpteen linguistic harangue about how best to relieve whatever it is that one furtively scratches whenever lawn boy bends his rotor in the rite of a tidy conviction —

— between carrying capacities not otherwise acknowledged whenever time stretches this sequence of words represents the elegance of an embrace recalled for those with funny afflictions citing all competitors to lawn boy deflective hum if success is a level of violence where people feel comfortable living their daily lives commerce is assumed to have stolen […]

SUV // hum


— lawn boy’s imaginings in the nighttime listen to that SUV hum if success is a level of violence where people feel comfortable living their daily lives lawn boy runs amok over the yard —

— it would be a mistake to presume that lawn boy is a character inside of some cohesive narrative if someone were to say otherwise that claim would clearly be false lawn boy is neither factually nor symbolically representative he is rather chronologically and verbally abstract another wretched and self-serving cliché —

breaking news


— breaking news lawn boy spots a mystery object when orbiting his yard —

— tedious herd ceaselessly wander property boundings—wander then laced zolpidem lash sleepy branches aloft lash brushy alow mechanistic aye aye allay subliminally meander stroke thus drowsing ablest and amp that least captive to long aimless discourse when all striking lawn boy seeing saws quite avoids resolve then in one finale to resemble some dreamy bleak […]

vivid / but


— lawn boys lifts sods from yards of illustrious predecessors and opens a museum since success is a level of violence where people feel comfortable limiting their daily lives insomnia day no day no only no night dream vivid but inconsistent authenticities laughter streaked with insect iridescence grandmaster grass and skin peppery with ivy induced […]