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— having a memory of placement in time from childhood do say some she fills it with spirit the digital reproduction of an intrinsic abstraction and how the original interpretation of that memory thus persists he fills it she fills it and abstraction implies radical possibilities despite reevaluation of that memory from cumulative distances do […]

— in an evaluation of lawn boy’s lawn worthiness lawn boy boldly fathoms mowing where no man has fathomed before lawn boy—so to speak unflinchingly denies any and all unapproved turf miss management reappraisals that men were only created because vibrators can’t mow the lawn —

gas mileage


— I increased my gas mileage this week 5 mpg by reducing speed and acceleration as well as avoiding quick stops. It’s not easy given general traffic patterns, but I get the sense that two or three other drivers are doing the same. —

— perhaps lawn boy rathers that elegance being two embraces conflated one actually dreamed the other actually actualized and “absolutely” (a word commonly used instead of yes), perhaps also remembered whether or not as elegant by another some kind of steel tubing wire cables threaded through plastic housing an embrace however not necessarily requiring two […]

— dreams by day stigmata whenever lawn boy prevaricates moment of reloading dual cyclical spark chamber whenever lawn boy fuels his rotor supposing that one body can contain all the suffering the world can feel to admit fault since lawn boy once chosen thirsts and it wasn’t his own gut that suffered ashes sentenced to […]

no bone / bone


— having been duly instructed lawn boy behavior seen by one brutish behavior seen by one brute psychic fissure who would be prescient who would maintain and nourish visual acuity drill bit applied by surgeon to bone any bone no bone bone that don’t matter tooth high speed titanium bit burning into L bone with […]

— lawn boy and the peppering fever which wraps a drowning dog’s neck not willing memory something he might have seen and his resistance to speech punctured by sequential explosions whenever that means petty information collected lawn boy spends money on watches or something —

With all due respect given to innovative ideas, consider the gearing on this machine. Consider the cumulative heft. Consider the slope of the average Ashevillian lawn. —

From the infinitesimal recesses of homo sapient cerebral redundancies arise solutions to yet further homemade predicaments and, as such, regarding the accumulation of trash on the Space Station, “the [astro nautical] quartet started repacking the Leonardo cargo carrier with a ton of dirty laundry, empty food containers, surplus gear and other garbage accumulated by the […]

lawn boy


— festive secrecy and lawn boy’s archaic manifestations of the religious urge by one beside vivid actualities written SUV carves spatial movement of transcendence crushed cut the top off the damn car smoldering with sexual connotations for those who lust after automobiles having used that to intersect in single space an embrace lacking prerequisites some […]