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beat steak flat


— a couple of recipes from The International Women’s Group pf Ahwaz-Iran: Monkey Gland Steak 1 lb. rump steak 3 Tbsp. vinegar 3 Tbsp. tomato ketchup 3 Tbsp. Worcesershire sauce 1 onion, chopped 1/2 tsp. dry mustard Fat for frying Beat steak flat. Mix together other ingredients andplace steak in the mixture for 30 minutes. […]

eats / spinach


— Suck on lethal serpent; the complex details of a diamond design mister are movement. Motion might likely spectaculate sod, buster, a dead man coverlet under a stark guitar soundtrack obscured. Someone twice stated an oblivious fact. The ugly was made into an elegant game: pottery, porcelain, plumbing, the poem, and then, of course, punk. […]

lawn boy steals


— lawn boy steals into the yard and ruins a weed obsessed as he is with the lawn boy association of perfect appearances laughter though at such a concept lawn boy eats weeds licks (tweaks licks tweaks and (sometimes) clutches double clutches two cycle too bi cyclical lucky about lucky about as close as it […]

— mowing the grass with a gut gurgling for food lawn boy ponders the cost of that burbling crude —

— carbon and water cycles on the average lawn—burning methane surfeit —mowers to hoes—gulp—self-described sexy m.i.l.f puckers—gasp—coughs cognitive mower similitude lawn boy—sucking fumes—gets—dizzy—yet when has intercourse w/sub—”cutanean” gusto—lawn boy used for—lawn balling till—with flatulence—he’s stricken—flame throwing indubitably—whence—his anus welters breezy heats [his] nether end and—supposed then—incurs a tepid peck—he’s left to—eat alone—another splat—of pesto —

— robomower calling—standalone—stops: whenever lawn boy works overtime time specific to proprietary immersion and say perforate cheese it is a—Swiss camera / greener leaves—abundant—asphalt idealizes the receding plane / punctures sometimes needle upper eyelid roughly lashed to an eyebrow photo op critical to vision and to emphasize each vexing [cumulative] suburban certification homeowner when—lawn boy—becomes […]



— thinking of crabs / monkeys grooming / eating lice / nit pickings eaten lobster tail and sea food: saltwater insects / option arthropoda / cicada larvae plus rice / lawn boy forages for and finally eats yellow jacket when wormy he yearning name change to yard man —



— thinking of crabs lobsters category: sea food: saltwater insects / option edible insects / cicada larvae lawn boy forages for and finally eats yellow when jacket larvae he changes his name to lawn man —

— browsing thinking of crabs and lobsters / category: seafood: salt / water insects / opens / option in growth / of an idea in regard to / whenever lawn boy in an instant think[s] /of eating / of insects / cicada larvae for instance and grass – that’s when ‘it’ itches itit ches —

— money and power diced rabid black dog plus contaminant feral infected cat equal all lawn boy lacks another vague afternoon without social restraints his inner brute rips apart these animals anyway add salt and festering boils his guests arrive famished —