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red shoes


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— outside one self I am he who looks out from inside a serial experience he is merely the voice of that which precedes him and sometimes spots beauty by an act of naming it such that it is as he imagines when it even isn’t I call I that when looking upon a dead […]

eats / spinach


— Suck on lethal serpent; the complex details of a diamond design mister are movement. Motion might likely spectaculate sod, buster, a dead man coverlet under a stark guitar soundtrack obscured. Someone twice stated an oblivious fact. The ugly was made into an elegant game: pottery, porcelain, plumbing, the poem, and then, of course, punk. […]

— seeing isn’t the same pathetic and gazing reflection] having nothing to otherwise show nothing but then the pathetic [stop] visual average enraptured by the simplicity of polish [image] of wealth [upon wherein rocketing to accommodate a gasoline infusion lawn boy does not have an urge to live unless lawn boy is already living when […]

— real people sadden lawn boy better the unreal he thinks his own life and the pathetic human surface an impression thus to ascribe to a dog national origin and see no irony meant too much invested in human convention supposing even that some dog might respond more readily than vividly to submergent redundancies and […]

— lawn boy and textures a background of others number self eyeball an angle if incident s in cycle swift sheeting fleeting across some surface thick not itself as an embrace but that having a special characteristic in a world otherwise odd blood loss this sequence of words representing the elegance of an embrace remembered […]

— I would like to brag today about receiving the Least Commercial Potential Award for stunt cipher mayhem during the recent WPVM Spring 2008 Listener Supported fund drive. For those who don’t know, stunt cipher mayhem is a radio show which airs every Sunday from 7-9 PM on WPVM. As it is obliquely described in […]

— robomower calling—standalone—stops: whenever lawn boy works overtime time specific to proprietary immersion and say perforate cheese it is a—Swiss camera / greener leaves—abundant—asphalt idealizes the receding plane / punctures sometimes needle upper eyelid roughly lashed to an eyebrow photo op critical to vision and to emphasize each vexing [cumulative] suburban certification homeowner when—lawn boy—becomes […]

my class today


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