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— part two taser phone relict    already the immediacy of ars facere artifact dead faced suspect preceded by his        deadened word each word left undefended to resuscitate a cadaver    to defibrillate    someone made dumb stammering book bleats when disgust w/the book strange things to say        but witness this associate glut book shelved between […]

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— so far I come then with some numbers of my own then so far thirteen is fine thirteen thirteens sock puppet president and a stick up his ass thirteen butt puckers so far thirteen times gasoline nozzle someone heard it all sock puppet president and sticks it up his ass thirteen so far thirteen […]

gaining / on


— leather girls gaining on pubis and dildo in popular search terms —

— between carrying capacities not otherwise acknowledged whenever time stretches this sequence of words represents the elegance of an embrace recalled for those with funny afflictions citing all competitors to lawn boy deflective hum if success is a level of violence where people feel comfortable living their daily lives commerce is assumed to have stolen […]