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— I have pounded my head into the pavement more than once bah bam stuffing the air with words which subsequently collect nonsense and worse tamper packed bundle—blunder  and—bust one more person passes through this passing world write that at this writing brain damaged my country she festers stink stinks and stank the local pragmatic […]

— recently approved by the Los Angles City Council but entirely appropriate to support locally everywhere (but especially here in Asheville) a Cyclists’ Bill of Rights indeed and in deed…eh, that it might appear as follows: —CYCLISTS’ BILL OF RIGHTS— WHEREAS, cyclists have the right to ride the streets of our communities and this right […]

lawn boy steals


— lawn boy steals into the yard and ruins a weed obsessed as he is with the lawn boy association of perfect appearances laughter though at such a concept lawn boy eats weeds licks (tweaks licks tweaks and (sometimes) clutches double clutches two cycle too bi cyclical lucky about lucky about as close as it […]

With all due respect given to innovative ideas, consider the gearing on this machine. Consider the cumulative heft. Consider the slope of the average Ashevillian lawn. —

River Road


— Cycling the river road from point A to point B, whenever choosing to segmentalize an otherwise more purposeful ride, a ride with a departure point and goal based not upon the more honorable whim, presumes an association with intersections. How else enter a line? The section between West Haywood Street and Broadway on Riverside […]

— After icy panics subside, I wait for the rains. I do not drive a free floating screed. Sporadic drippings remain wholly inadequate. I want the roadside cleansed of industrial grits. Since restructuring the community around an idea of motorized obsolescence seemingly appears now and then a mere fantasy of some subservient distance, the daily […]

This aristotelean categorization is truly divisive baloney. It’s a sandwich constructed of questionable and, perhaps even, insubstantial substances. I predict herein a melioristic convergence of all things categorical, the concretization of all things and ideas abstract (much like baloney. Consider the bicycle, for instance, since it is a gadget. Does this gadgetriness then prove that […]