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— so far I come then with some numbers of my own then so far thirteen is fine thirteen thirteens sock puppet president and a stick up his ass thirteen butt puckers so far thirteen times gasoline nozzle someone heard it all sock puppet president and sticks it up his ass thirteen so far thirteen […]



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gaining / on


— leather girls gaining on pubis and dildo in popular search terms —

lull, top


— within an extended lull, top searches persist: TATTOO PUBIS des tattoos sur le pubis dildo men —

— in an evaluation of lawn boy’s lawn worthiness lawn boy boldly fathoms mowing where no man has fathomed before lawn boy—so to speak unflinchingly denies any and all unapproved turf miss management reappraisals that men were only created because vibrators can’t mow the lawn —

vivid / but


— lawn boys lifts sods from yards of illustrious predecessors and opens a museum since success is a level of violence where people feel comfortable limiting their daily lives insomnia day no day no only no night dream vivid but inconsistent authenticities laughter streaked with insect iridescence grandmaster grass and skin peppery with ivy induced […]

no bone / bone


— having been duly instructed lawn boy behavior seen by one brutish behavior seen by one brute psychic fissure who would be prescient who would maintain and nourish visual acuity drill bit applied by surgeon to bone any bone no bone bone that don’t matter tooth high speed titanium bit burning into L bone with […]

— mowing the grass with a gut gurgling for food lawn boy ponders the cost of that burbling crude —

— bush paraguay land eyelid tattoos tattoo pubis pubic tattoo pubic mound mowing lawn tattoo two cycle anus ample bosom and ex president dreck lawn boy triple x —

— carbon and water cycles on the average lawn—burning methane surfeit —mowers to hoes—gulp—self-described sexy m.i.l.f puckers—gasp—coughs cognitive mower similitude lawn boy—sucking fumes—gets—dizzy—yet when has intercourse w/sub—”cutanean” gusto—lawn boy used for—lawn balling till—with flatulence—he’s stricken—flame throwing indubitably—whence—his anus welters breezy heats [his] nether end and—supposed then—incurs a tepid peck—he’s left to—eat alone—another splat—of pesto —