word worn and cumulative mask


voices amongst a crowd masked either one way or another
a series of lists and so also she leaning lists

I after item this then collects as a condition of face in
stance and open made eyeballs and ears cumulate not only hair

I time after item it physic and placing face rearward as
wearing an intuitive nostril wear item a corporate mechanic

a person no person conglomerate voice either lawless an
uncertain gravitas collecting antique what mumbles the matter

that thus something marked who notices words which recur
something or other on glass plain and in one rough kiosk

can he picture that picture that never so leaden that
which is taken lacking consent a word hither and fit

more so a whole phrase or even a page upon which he plasters
his forehead his cheek and his chin and unlined of course

he thereby ceases to age declaring that this then is meaning
one wouldn’t doubt then that this landscape transposons as porous



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