shed associations


No one person can trespass until another seeks to prevent or resist the action of that. Prevention and resistance to trespassing thus precedes an inevitable impossibility. To preemptively block trespassing guarantees incursive activity on the part of another who is otherwise prohibited. The security apparatus nervously guards against the impossible. Rather than spending dull decades cruising around with William Shatner in search of places where no man has gone before, some people are called upon to intrude into spaces where they’re not otherwise wanted. Trespass insists on voicing its transgressive etymological potential to challenge The Estate and its attendant security apparatus. Gathering predominate legal connotations along with the trespass of this same word from French to English, to trespass cannot completely shed its association with death. With their usual flair for eliminating those annoying consonants, the French transform the Latin transpassare to the more nearly familiar trespace and subsequent trespasser, to pass through or beyond, which the English subsequently transform into an impropriety or an insult. Interestingly, and although English speakers commonly refer to the death of another as passing away, if one were to say instead that the deceased has trespassed, listeners would be puzzled. Despite etymological consistency, the literal meaning remaining basically identical, any casual reference to trespassing in such a context would seem odd and even senseless. Given the negative connotations commonly associated with the term, such a reference may even be mistaken as a tactless joke.



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