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~~~// voices amongst a crowd masked either one way or another a series of lists and so also she leaning lists I after item this then collects as a condition of face in stance and open made eyeballs and ears cumulate not only hair I time after item it physic and placing face rearward as […]

phony epitaph


~~~// You’d eat gravel, also in every other saga it’s the other way around those who do the dirty deed can everywhere be found  -A Ppope How did he arrive in this coulee saloon somewhere out west of El Paso? Woody, the incendiary Woodpecker, bore himself another walleyed door hole, where nothing’s made of lumber, […]

~~~\\ Fate Merchant and his inebriate associates, lit pink in daybreak’s broad angle, pose. They have become accustomed to cameras, the concept of privacy willingly forfeit, self on display and archived somewhere on some remote server. Darkness and light may measure, divide, and tint atmospheres according to macro and micro cosmic or cosmetic spatial properties, […]

~~~\\ No one person can trespass until another seeks to prevent or resist the action of that. Prevention and resistance to trespassing thus precedes an inevitable impossibility. To preemptively block trespassing guarantees incursive activity on the part of another who is otherwise prohibited. The security apparatus nervously guards against the impossible. Rather than spending dull […]