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[of] / of


— not thought [of] nor of thought not restricted [shouts] not thought [of] of thought [thought] of it if it is thinking cancel the order thinking is it this when speaking in common phases meant when intended aphasiac slash phrasing I was just thinking meaning that recent but connoting the process whenever it’s common then […]

red shoes


— —

— I am and have been despondent stupidly so for a fact then again work—me and my dead trees—me and my stillborn assassins—I sent them out dead—already dead so that I could provide them with warmth —

— outside one self I am he who looks out from inside a serial experience he is merely the voice of that which precedes him and sometimes spots beauty by an act of naming it such that it is as he imagines when it even isn’t I call I that when looking upon a dead […]

— I have pounded my head into the pavement more than once bah bam stuffing the air with words which subsequently collect nonsense and worse tamper packed bundle—blunder  and—bust one more person passes through this passing world write that at this writing brain damaged my country she festers stink stinks and stank the local pragmatic […]