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— recently approved by the Los Angles City Council but entirely appropriate to support locally everywhere (but especially here in Asheville) a Cyclists’ Bill of Rights indeed and in deed…eh, that it might appear as follows: —CYCLISTS’ BILL OF RIGHTS— WHEREAS, cyclists have the right to ride the streets of our communities and this right […]

— the need to uppercut intellectual pretension an emphasis on universal fallibility seeks state perhaps approval allow me sir to say then that I I am the stout fist of a superior law not given by state but so stated by self such that that law I  since assume by self-styled necessity another knarl deemed […]

men // men


— do say some men bust in doors do say some men some men bust in by order doors —

alike / unlike


— in an afternoon alike unlike any other a dog passes its life tied to a wooden box barking —

and / so and


— in this place and that it is enough in this place and that it is enough that the people that the people people “at the next levels down” it is enough that the people “at the next levels down” suffer concerns it is enough it is enough and it isn’t is it and so […]

— having a memory of placement in time from childhood do say some she fills it with spirit the digital reproduction of an intrinsic abstraction and how the original interpretation of that memory thus persists he fills it she fills it and abstraction implies radical possibilities despite reevaluation of that memory from cumulative distances do […]

— thirteen thirteen thirteen thirteen so far thirteen thirteen thirteen so far thirteen thirteen thirteen thirteen thirteens thirteen so far so far it so far it so far it is enough thirteen it is enough —

Cy Twombly


chance discovery this afternoon to these references in poems: from Clark Coolidge’s At Egypt When I heard the blown owl like the Cy Twombly scrubbing that pile of penises? (VIII) — from Rachel Blau DuPlessis’s Drafts 1-38, Toll Perhaps translucence is a quality of erasure. The thing anyway looks like a Cy Twombly strokes trailing […]



— so far I come then with some numbers of my own then so far thirteen is fine thirteen thirteens sock puppet president and a stick up his ass thirteen butt puckers so far thirteen times gasoline nozzle someone heard it all sock puppet president and sticks it up his ass thirteen so far thirteen […]