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— drought, cloudy—haze [where is the sun] ants wasp sucking moisture from houseplant watering overflow—moisture that scarce no mow—just get out the hoe and chop down the sumac sprouts in the yard—which anyway shrivel—stir up some dust taken by sharp southerly gusts and then the easy flame—one cigarette tossed and a hillside ablaze in an […]

th / is


— this prison if it is us when language becomes print it is isn’t it—it what is it th is this [then] this then when now one minute hence passing what is this it is an afternoon wherein I sit —

it / it


— what is this it it is an afternoon it is mid august it is mid afternoon what is this if it is an afternoon —

it / [it]


— what is this when it [it] is a resistance– I want to ask this it is a question– what is this when it is a resistance —

lull, top


— within an extended lull, top searches persist: TATTOO PUBIS des tattoos sur le pubis dildo men —