each / verbal ga[s]p traveled


tedious herd ceaselessly wander
property boundings—wander then laced
zolpidem lash sleepy branches aloft

lash brushy alow mechanistic aye
aye allay subliminally meander stroke
thus drowsing ablest and amp that least captive

to long aimless discourse when all striking
lawn boy seeing saws quite avoids resolve then in one
finale to resemble some dreamy bleak force

used for political purposes—but how
many can identify—the selective process of
youth roughly racing round and around—cornering—so

cornered whenever the lawn enforcer seeks
to extract a confession nothing
nothing lawn boy presumes could be further

than innocence in terms of here to there since
each story unravels between each
verbal ga[s]p traveled

and each individual’s guilt lashes
the cumulative wound
whatever this sterile white box contains—it is electronic

a human cheap told soon to be telling
whenever the enforcer seeks to instruct
sundry bleak speakings

while each sex—less—story unfolds
a summary implant memorial if movement ruins
yet one other cracked cerebral and

successive account seeking and
seeking whenever the enforcer desires
a word to destroy a self and replace it

with violet thuds
to destroy a self and replace it
with terminal thicket of needles

to replace only one eyeball of each
missing witness to replicate each thought crime
crime preconceived


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