seeing isn’t the same


seeing isn’t the same
pathetic and gazing
reflection] having

to otherwise show
nothing but

then the pathetic
[stop] visual average
enraptured by the simplicity of polish

[image] of wealth [upon
wherein rocketing
to accommodate a gasoline infusion

lawn boy does not have an urge to live unless
lawn boy is already living when
lawn boy lives somewhere

—has lived—and so
to say” lawn boy

said before anyway saying
whatever it is that gets said
purchasing car polish

but this portrayal is a deflection
too often unnoticed
what’s “seen” whenever

something else
he wears a tea shirt

advertisement thatch
in lawn dead sits
between the rising

leaves and thence
a corporate logo spawns—a
fishy term for—young

woman that living soil since
the bottom line
leaves many [a] pathetic


2 Responses to “seeing isn’t the same”

  1. 1 Clay

    I like this new blog, Steve. Good to read these sharp lawn boy words from you…very timely. Bernanke as lawn boy?

    I’m supposed to play lawn boy this evening, but I’m almost out of gas.

  2. 2 Stephen

    Actually, Bernanke is the lawn jockey.

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