Four Quartz Pets


Worry Me Burning


In a car approaching obsolescence,
north pappy look another dead town
rural time spent and time passed
mistaken, another exit missed or
one state or another and, hey,
I might say, hey bob, hey,
I’m driving at something, it’s
long been unbroken and dumb
split second present perhaps and,

toward yet another of so many names,
two pounds of plasticine posies,
long chain aliphatic antacid am dim
witty bloom, and whenever I ask for some
purpose, an auto motile disturbance
directions but boom, whatever
echolocaic arose within a terminal
illness, the rural infrastructure
then is wholly blast and no wonder,

the garden, the garden, and timmy tipped
into a pool has sunken, his time hung
up a picture perhaps as an Arabic plat,
5, a kid snuck early into an autumnal
decay, a kid face first in a leafy murk
soup while adults slathered in cheap
colognes and perfumes hammer down
whiskeys and gin, everyone drowning at
once in a most pleasant peasant be bred.


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