stunt cipher mayhem awarded


WPVM award

I would like to brag today about receiving
the Least Commercial Potential Award for
stunt cipher mayhem during the recent
WPVM Spring 2008 Listener Supported
fund drive.

For those who don’t know, stunt cipher
is a radio show which airs every
Sunday from 7-9 PM on WPVM
. As it is
obliquely described in the WPVM archival
list, stunt cipher mayhem seeks to dodge
habitual terms through an exploration of
“Sound poiesis, phonemes, feedback,
electronic or acoustic, broken speaker, bad
ear, static plus, garbage theoretical and,
[…], un sound invert as negative force” and
(ahem) so on.

I should add that stunt cipher mayhem has also featured divers interviews with none other than Charlie Louvin and CA Conrad, among others.

In any case, this is a notable award considering the number of superb shows on WPVM which likewise exhibit scant commercial possibilities; thus, I am especially proud of this trophy.

Many thanks are due to all discerning WPVM volunteers who voted, while particular thanks also go out to Meegan Kelly and Gillian Coats for actually organizing this vote and then making all the splendid trophies.

Thanks as well to Rachel Mitchell for providing this photograph of my cherished trophy.

And last but never least, of course, huge thanks to all of those less visible supporters who contributed to WPVM during our onair fund drive. Without you, none of this would be possible.


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