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imagined / is


— whatever may be written by or about lawn boy any resemblance to any person real or imagined is not and never will be accidental if someone were to suspect for instance that any ordinary so and so were under surveillance — Advertisements

— lawn boy might become an asymmetrical man on a motorcycle left toes skewed out ward and a way in a world of it being it being a world of of probabilities should he choose to do so for some stupid reason instead he chooses to examine the common phrase for some stupid reason that […]

— perhaps lawn boy rathers that elegance being two embraces conflated one actually dreamed the other actually actualized and “absolutely” (a word commonly used instead of yes), perhaps also remembered whether or not as elegant by another some kind of steel tubing wire cables threaded through plastic housing an embrace however not necessarily requiring two […]

— dreams by day stigmata whenever lawn boy prevaricates moment of reloading dual cyclical spark chamber whenever lawn boy fuels his rotor supposing that one body can contain all the suffering the world can feel to admit fault since lawn boy once chosen thirsts and it wasn’t his own gut that suffered ashes sentenced to […]

no bone / bone


— having been duly instructed lawn boy behavior seen by one brutish behavior seen by one brute psychic fissure who would be prescient who would maintain and nourish visual acuity drill bit applied by surgeon to bone any bone no bone bone that don’t matter tooth high speed titanium bit burning into L bone with […]

— a noisy show of pulling out teeth bleached and these very nice teeth bleach teeth all very nice this picture this but they all guys his ferry fine guys hiss ferry fine a make shown of ferry fine sputum very impressing this child very double rotunda lawn boy trafficking tooth trim face ferry buoyant […]

— the story replaced [lawn boy] thought to be younger given on request once and refused on another —

— Guns and Green Spaces Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC), however, supports the proposed changes. “I strongly support every American’s Second Amendment rights. I believe those rights should extend to our national parks, just as they do to lands owned by the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service.” A 60-day public comment period on […]

— lawn boy and textures a background of others number self eyeball an angle if incident s in cycle swift sheeting fleeting across some surface thick not itself as an embrace but that having a special characteristic in a world otherwise odd blood loss this sequence of words representing the elegance of an embrace remembered […]

— lawn boy bolstering conceptual linearity in time whenever lawn boy thinks about that would he do anything more than say hello officer success is a level of violence where people feel comfortable living their daily lives fleeting across some surface thick leaning whether or not elegant across the hood of a sedan to snatch […]