passing / stranger struck


lawn boy hops on the mower and maps
nineteen day puberty journal passing
stranger struck on shin by broken
mower blade shrapnel lawn boy makes

mower bomb zero turn radii plus snow
blower imprint compress puckered anus
and miserable smoldering heap stammer bye
now and get the hell off lawn psycho fraud


2 Responses to “passing / stranger struck”

  1. 1 shadmarsh

    I mowed my lawn today and thought of lawn boy. Strangely enough there was a piece of exploded steel belted radial in my lawn which made a very effective piece of shrapnel, tho the passing stranger struck was me.

  2. 2 stephen

    Lawn boy is oracular. My lawn is growing about 3 inches per day. It needs cut 3 days after being cut. It doesn’t get cut that often, but it invariably multiplies by threes.

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