eyelid / roughly lashed


pubic mower

robomower calling—standalone—stops:
whenever lawn boy works overtime
time specific to proprietary

immersion and say
perforate cheese it is a—Swiss
camera / greener leaves—abundant—asphalt

idealizes the receding plane / punctures
sometimes needle upper eyelid
roughly lashed to an eyebrow

photo op critical to vision
and to emphasize each vexing
[cumulative] suburban certification

homeowner when—lawn boy—becomes
suburban incarceree that—is not—tedium
flirtation necessarily—onside Formica

and commonly mown—Allegheny—mound
pubis occupying lawn country psyche
east—of each fertile—whenever—in Mississippi


One Response to “eyelid / roughly lashed”

  1. 1 Shazzy

    lol to the tattoo!!!

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