expanse, nothing


root substance, mud
and mineral, lawn boy hankers
after the perfect

plot, the definitive grassy
expanse, nothing too large, but
large enough to represent the

superfluity of his singular
effort, large enough to insure
his status as characteristic, a

suburbanite, not an extra
ordinaire, but clearly a dedicatee of
visual uselessness


2 Responses to “expanse, nothing”

  1. 1 shadmarsh

    somewhere beneath a
    nothing is growing.

    (I like how it says “type here”. the box announces itself through its usefulness, whether intended or not, it is doubly proclaiming its functionary existence. it is almost art.)

  2. 2 Stephen

    It doesn’t say “type here” on my home machine. Now on another, I suddenly realize what you wrote above. When at home earlier, it remained a mystery.

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