trash / other noble and “selfless” solutions


From the infinitesimal recesses of homo sapient cerebral redundancies arise solutions to yet further homemade predicaments and, as such, just fishing

regarding the accumulation of trash on the Space Station, “the [astro nautical] quartet started repacking the Leonardo cargo carrier with a ton of dirty laundry, empty food containers, surplus gear and other garbage accumulated by the stations [sic] first tenants, who will taxi back to Earth aboard Discovery next week after a 140-day stay in space.”

So then what? “The Progress 28 module was filled with rubbish and unneeded equipment, quietly severed from its docking bay and steered toward Earth. On Monday at 0850 GMT [4/8/08], the selfless module dropped through the atmosphere, burned and eventually reached the Pacific Ocean, sinking into the satellite graveyard 3000 km east of the New Zealand coast…

Dropping supply modules into the Pacific may sound unsavoury, but it remains the only viable option to dispose of rubbish and unwanted material when in space. Simply jettisoning it into space cannot be done, there must be a controlled disposal, dumping trash into a used module and blasting it into a re-entry trajectory. Littering Earth orbit is a critical problem, so space agencies are doing the best they can to send potential debris to Earth where most of it can burn up in the atmosphere. Anything left over falls into a predetermined ‘satellite graveyard’ in the worlds largest ocean.”

This is a fine idea, and we should all feel reassured at the conscientiousness of the “space agencies.” They’ve clearly put forth a huge effort toward solving the problem of litter in the earth’s orbit and, after all, we are already quite proud of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, eh?

This Saturday morning regular gasoline is listed at BJ’s (local “cheap” gas outlet) at 3.38 per gallon (crude set record yesterday at $112.21 per barrel), though no mention of fuel costs for exiting earth’s atmosphere in order to attend to above mentioned trash duties.


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