Voting in the primary on May 6–


North Carolina voters registered as “unaffiliated” may vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary.


3 Responses to “Voting in the primary on May 6–”

  1. 1 shadmarsh

    excellent. I didn’t want to have to change my affiliation to Democrat just to be able to vote for Obama, now I don’t have to. yeah me.

  2. 2 stephen


    I didn’t really want to go down to the BOE & register as Dem just to vote for Obama, but now I hear that Alaskan Mike Gravel is still on the Dem ticket, and he’s solid with his antiwar message and history of the same.

  3. 3 shadmarsh

    I like Gravel for a lot of reasons, tho I heard he is going to run from president on the Libertarian ticket, and while there are several issues I agree with the libertarians on, there are quite I a few I don’t…plus I am fearful that Clinton will win NC, so it’s Obama for me.

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