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— supposing that one body can contain all the suffering the world can feel that body wouldn’t be long to lawn boy — Advertisements

— lawn boy like others nurtures work related anxieties prone to reflection cut the top off the damn car lawn boy sandwiched between pavement and SUV chassis supposing thus that he shall clearly remember the punctuality of his embrace some thing in the cell SUV having used that to define a space when subject to […]

American Dream


— Artemio Rodriguez —

— illustrating a map of a further unmaking it isn’t unlike lawn boy bound by a sense of him self as separate mangling his own name he who features virulent inks lawn boy writes yard uniform nothing and nothing responds with yet another enduring ism —

— bound by a sense of him self as separate lawn boy abandons the millennial quest for lost immediacy one snack further from inhabiting a major amendable map shall lawn boy lawn lawn boy shall sell membership subscriptions to the lawn boy association of perfect appearances this sequence of words representing the elegance of an […]

of orbiting


— lawn boy activates a theoretical standstill image wherein whatever has been amalgamates into a constellation of orbiting domesticity —

— across acres of freshly mowed grass lawn boy wheels springtime a time for sexual display the posture of lawn boy suggestive of blood loss a final dislocation of meanings the absurdity of all things envisioned broad sweeping textures a background fleeting across some surface thick lacking lawn boy’s gaze and that of things among […]

— lawn boy hops on the mower and maps nineteen day puberty journal passing stranger struck on shin by broken mower blade shrapnel lawn boy makes mower bomb zero turn radii plus snow blower imprint compress puckered anus and miserable smoldering heap stammer bye now and get the hell off lawn psycho fraud —

— Okay, I just heard that ‘Unaffiliated voters can CHOOSE one of three ballots. No need to re-register, they remain unaffiliated.’ —

— According to information posted on the Buncombe County Board of Elections website, ‘Voters registered as “unaffiliated” may vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary.’ Do sample ballets refute this statement? Unaffiliated ballots are significantly limited to Court of Appeals Judges. Perhaps unaffiliated voters may choose one of three ballots, or perhaps they may […]