River Road


Cycling the river road from point A to point B, whenever choosing to segmentalize an otherwise more purposeful ride, a ride with a departure point and goal based not upon the more honorable whim, presumes an association with intersections.

How else enter a line?

The section between West Haywood Street and Broadway on Riverside Drive is relatively flat. Relative flats are rarely encountered in this mountain town. Relative flats are more often made hereabout by machinery into parking lots (so-called, euphemistically, ‘development’). But this section along Riverside Drive is a flood zone, formerly good bottomland with arable potential now littered with toxic industrial detritus and paved, a bog where a fool named Hernando de Soto once camped.

Today little more than an arterial motoring route, a bike lane at the least eases an alternative to the glorified and polished wheelchairs of the feeble masses which predominate.


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