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— check it out, Selah has a new blog One of her posts reminds me of the catholic original sin package, though she invents a new female organ. This starts to fit in with an idea I have about public surgical demonstations, simple to complex. — Advertisements

— money and power diced rabid black dog plus contaminant feral infected cat equal all lawn boy lacks another vague afternoon without social restraints his inner brute rips apart these animals anyway add salt and festering boils his guests arrive famished —



— —public surgical demonstration— —don’t miss it— —

— sometimes I wait for the message today I have the sleeping sichjhgkness —

lawn boy


— I sort of thought lawn boy might get along with net nanny but Monica thinks otherwise: It’s hard for me to write ironic poems about net nanny. Lawn boy is much more sordid and interesting somehow. Like a pool boy with hedge clippers. I suppose lawn boy is characteristically more contradictory, while net nanny’s […]

Rules for Poets


— whenever possible: sell yourself refer to yourself as “A Poet” refer to other Poets whose names are well and widely known refer to your own informal interactions with same famous Poets refer to famous Poets by nicknames* build a local committee of Poetry Experts and refer to each other refer to your “Work” speak […]

Rimbaud in Oman


— —

River Road


— Cycling the river road from point A to point B, whenever choosing to segmentalize an otherwise more purposeful ride, a ride with a departure point and goal based not upon the more honorable whim, presumes an association with intersections. How else enter a line? The section between West Haywood Street and Broadway on Riverside […]

 — used by people who suppose such clichés reinforce innately superior thinking skills rocket scientist brain surgeon —

lawn boy


— whatever is known or understood by or about lawn boy in terms of what’s real or even innately vivid the ultimo submariner and his imagination blinding within and without a surrounding / a digital / a figurative / mist not digitalis but his bowel and his bladder perhaps lose [datura] tone whenever he marinates […]