Political Categorizations


are also recklessly overused and abused. To begin with:


People who define themselves with this term are often merely mean, angry, and scared of their own ghostly inventions. This doesn’t apply to all of them. However, meanness predominates amongst these people. Apparently, the old self-described “traditional” conservatives don’t like the havoc wreaked by the new or, rather, the (heh heh) “neo” conservatives, and who can blame them for that? Oddly enough, some self-described “traditional” conservatives still point to Ronald Reagan as some kind of hero and alternative to the current regime, and this seems to imply that Reagan has nothing to do with the current “neo-conservative” agenda. This is called selective memory, or better yet, delusional, but that’s another topic.


Remember when the justifiably embattled Joe Lieberman described himself as a progressive? Hillary Clinton also describes herself as such. For the sake of brevity, let’s call this pandering by corporate toadies.


Self-described “conservatives” scared self-described “liberals” into referring to themselves as “progressives.” This seems, for the moment, to be a safe place to hide. Although every so often some guy will bravely claim he’s a liberal, he always sounds feeble. Why try to recover the questionable glory of this useless word anyway?

(more to come)


2 Responses to “Political Categorizations”

  1. 1 shadmarsh

    I consider myself a Cosmoanarchicprimitivist. or CAP for short.

  2. 2 Stephen

    And I am a sailing.

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