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This aristotelean categorization is truly divisive baloney. It’s a sandwich constructed of questionable and, perhaps even, insubstantial substances. I predict herein a melioristic convergence of all things categorical, the concretization of all things and ideas abstract (much like baloney. Consider the bicycle, for instance, since it is a gadget. Does this gadgetriness then prove that […]

I’m always surprised to find that people don’t know about Bush’s 95,000 acre ranch in Paraguay. This was originally reported in La Prensa and then predictably underreported by US mainstream media in October of 2006. Here’s a link to an English translation of the original article.

are also recklessly overused and abused. To begin with: Conservative- People who define themselves with this term are often merely mean, angry, and scared of their own ghostly inventions. This doesn’t apply to all of them. However, meanness predominates amongst these people. Apparently, the old self-described “traditional” conservatives don’t like the havoc wreaked by the […]



It appears this place could benefit from a little imagery.

In consideration of a list of possible end words toward the construction of a sestina, perhaps these annoyingly overused words or phrases might initiate a beginning (who’s counting?): edgy momentum absolutely virtual (& variations) awesome sea change proactive

freezing rain


Cumulative icy trace warnings today proliferate. Stepping out into a warm afternoon sun therefore feels unexpectedly odd. I choose to remove my wool shirt before climbing onto my bicycle and heading south along the river road and into the wind.



The cash machine, for instance, drove an impatient man to neglect the usual behaviors enforced by the dictates of wading in line. Outside lunacies press thus upon us. That said, this study represents only one, so to speak, one untamed deed amongst another of many intemperate tends.