No one person can trespass until another seeks to prevent or resist the action of that. Prevention and resistance to trespassing thus precedes an inevitable impossibility. To preemptively block trespassing guarantees incursive activity on the part of another who is otherwise prohibited. The security apparatus nervously guards against the impossible. Rather than spending dull decades cruising around with William Shatner in search of places where no man has gone before, some people are called upon to intrude into spaces where they’re not otherwise wanted. Trespass insists on voicing its transgressive etymological potential to challenge The Estate and its attendant security apparatus. Gathering predominate legal connotations along with the trespass of this same word from French to English, to trespass cannot completely shed its association with death. With their usual flair for eliminating those annoying consonants, the French transform the Latin transpassare to the more nearly familiar trespace and subsequent trespasser, to pass through or beyond, which the English subsequently transform into an impropriety or an insult. Interestingly, and although English speakers commonly refer to the death of another as passing away, if one were to say instead that the deceased has trespassed, listeners would be puzzled. Despite etymological consistency, the literal meaning remaining basically identical, any casual reference to trespassing in such a context would seem odd and even senseless. Given the negative connotations commonly associated with the term, such a reference may even be mistaken as a tactless joke.


[of] / of


not thought [of] nor of thought not restricted

not thought [of]
of thought [thought]

of it if it is

cancel the order

is it this when speaking in
common phases

meant when

aphasiac slash phrasing

I was just thinking

meaning that recent but
connoting the process

whenever it’s common then
it isn’t what we call it

when we call it thinking
is it

statement intoned to be heard as a question
whenever it is acts like it isn’t

red shoes


I am and have been despondentstillborn/assassins
stupidly so for a fact
then again work—me

and my dead trees—me
and my stillborn
assassins—I sent them

out dead—already dead
so that I could provide them
with warmth

outside one self I am he who looks out from inside
a serial experience

he is merely the voice of that which precedes him
and sometimes spots beauty

by an act of naming it such
that it is as he imagines when it even isn’t

I call I that when looking upon a dead apple
tree with one low lifting branch

tightly budded in deep rose blooms yet to unfold
all under an early day drizzle

I have pounded my head into the pavement
more than once

bam stuffing the air with words which subsequently collect
nonsense and worse
tamper packed bundle—blunder  and—bust

one more person passes through this passing world
write that at this writing brain damaged
my country she festers

stink stinks and stank
the local pragmatic cadaver
would s/he think her/himself someone special

mama downloading some new someone special
some one special slob
better to die doing something I like

than to die while trying to escape
from a nursing home
clad in a pamper

so that the spectator can no longer separate from present
when perfect

mistaken    projection    wishful?    Self
inflates        on such ideas)

it too must be revisited            thinking    (what is it?
another mere word    surgery
contend then        ceasing
to contend        yet continue

since by peace the violent perceive    threat
sustaining attack seeming otherwise whatever intended not knowing self
nor how self is perceived

and perhaps most of all penal condition institute due servitude
if peace peculiarly exposes one to human violence

sleeper croon flat man and boneless declare nothing
but liquid slant substance blown
already wrapped in receding murk    the charm of human



part two
taser phone relict    already

the immediacy of ars facere

dead faced suspect preceded by
his        deadened word
each word left


to resuscitate a cadaver    to
defibrillate    someone made dumb

stammering book bleats when disgust w/the book
strange things to say        but
witness this associate glut

book shelved between dusty books

confusion regarding place    the specific features        lacking
the language for that        and so substituting abstract

fantasy            something

some        thing

something ruins
the air

recently approved by the Los Angles City Council but entirely appropriate to

support locally everywhere (but especially here in Asheville) a Cyclists’ Bill of Rights

indeed and in deed…eh, that it might appear as follows:


WHEREAS, cyclists have the right to ride the streets of our communities and this right is formally articulated in the North Carolina Vehicle Code; and

WHEREAS, cyclists are considered to be the “indicator species” of a healthy community; and

WHEREAS, cyclists are both environmental and traffic congestion solutions; and

WHEREAS, cyclists are, first and foremost, people – with all of the rights and privileges that come from being members of this great society; and

NOW, THEREFORE, WE THE CYCLING COMMUNITY, do hereby claim the following rights:

1> Cyclists have the right to travel safely and free of fear.

2> Cyclists have the right to equal access to our public streets and to sufficient and significant road space.

3> Cyclists have the right to the full support of educated law enforcement.

4> Cyclists have the right to the full support of our judicial system and the right to expect that those who endanger, injure or kill cyclists be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

5> Cyclists have the right to routine accommodations in all roadway projects and improvements.

6> Cyclists have the right to urban and roadway planning, development and design that enable and support safe cycling.

7> Cyclists have the right to traffic signals, signage and maintenance standards that enable and support safe cycling.

8> Cyclists have the right to be actively engaged as a constituent group in the organization and administration of our communities.

9> Cyclists have the right to full access for themselves and their bicycles on all mass transit with no limitations.

10> Cyclists have the right to end-of-trip amenities that include safe and secure opportunities to park their bicycles.

11> Cyclists have the right to be secure in their persons and property, and be free from unreasonable search and seizure, as guaranteed by the 4th Amendment.

12> Cyclists have the right to peaceably assemble in the public space, as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

And further, we claim and assert these rights by taking to the streets and riding our bicycles, all in an expression of our inalienable right to ride!

“See you on the Streets!”

the need to uppercut
intellectual pretension

an emphasis on universal
fallibility seeks state


allow me sir
to say then that I

I am the stout
fist of a superior

law not given by state but so
stated by self such that

that law I  since assume
by self-styled

necessity another
knarl deemed fit

to gun down on site any visible
or invisible consistent


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